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Who We Are

Trauma Healing Northwest is a specialty therapy clinic for trauma healing therapy and stress related disorders and their impacts on our thoughts, emotions, body, and behavior. We are committed to providing the highest quality psychological and neurobiological therapies to help you learn about the impacts of trauma and stress, grow in effective coping and grounding skills, and heal by reducing or eliminating symptoms of trauma and stress in your life.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We focus on helping address all areas of trauma and stress disorders through a three-phase approach: learn, grow, and heal.

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The foundation of the therapy process is rooted in learning. Learning about self, learning about therapy, and learning about areas of strength and areas for growth.

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As the therapy process continues, the focus shifts to growing in coping and regulating skills to manage symptoms of trauma and/or stress regulation and knowledge in how to individually tailor these to your specific needs.

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Once there is confidence in being able to cope with trauma and stress symptoms, the third phase of treatment is focused on healing. This is where specialty treatment found at Trauma Healing Northwest comes into play. By engaging in therapy processes to correct neurobiological and psychological processes that resulted from trauma and/or chronic stress exposure, it is possible to have lasting gains from therapy.

Why a Specialty Clinic

Trauma and stress related disorders are multifaceted. Standard psychotherapies can be insufficient in fully treating trauma and other stress related disorders. This can result in limited symptom relief, progress plateaus, or the reoccurrence of symptoms after treatment has ended.

By specializing in the treatment of trauma and stress, we at Trauma Healing Northwest are able to focus our efforts on providing research-informed specialized therapy that can improve outcomes, fully address trauma and stress disorders, and achieve healing.

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Our Providers

Trauma Healing Northwest practitioners are licensed mental health professionals trained in specialized treatments for trauma and stress related disorders.

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Lynae Nelson, M.Ed., LPC, LCPC


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Lisa Gascho, MSW, LCSW


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Natalie Harper, MA, LPC


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Candyce Monteleone, M.A., LPC, PMH-C


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John Elliott, BCN

Neurofeedback Technician

Chera Sheets

Chera Sheets, M. A., Professional Counselor Associate


Kate Burns

Kate Burns, M.A., LPC


Jessica Blodget

Jessica Blodget, M.A., LPC