According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, 8 million adults 18 or older have it. Many Americans struggling with PTSD should not feel like they need to suffer in silence, as this can cause erratic behavior and lead to a deeper struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. There are various treatment options, such as neurofeedback trauma therapy, that can help reduce or eliminate symptoms of trauma. If you experience any of the following three behaviors, it could be a sign that PTSD therapy is a worthwhile solution to seek out.

1. You Are Getting Overwhelmed With Nightmares or Flashbacks

Bad dreams are normal every now and then, but if they are persistent and they are the same each night, it might be a good idea to look for neurofeedback trauma therapy. These nightmares can end up ruining the quality of your sleep, which can then cause you to have problems with your health down the road. Neurofeedback can allow you to process the physiological anxiety that comes with PTSD, so that you can start improving your sleep and your own reactions to distressing dreams.

2. You Have Extreme Mood Swings

This is another thing that can signal you are having problems with PTSD. These mood swings can also make it hard to focus and can make you feel disoriented and confused, which can cause you issues doing your job or other daily tasks. With neurofeedback trauma therapy, you can train your brain to default to coping skills that improve emotional control.

3. You Are Avoiding Certain Situations

There might be a lot of places in your area that remind you of what you went through that caused PTSD. If that is the case, you might avoid them and become more isolated, secluding yourself from the world. This will go beyond typical introverted behavior and dramatically affect many different areas of your life. By engaging in neurofeedback trauma therapy, your brain can learn to adopt regulated thinking patterns that allow your central nervous system to work better so that you don’t primarily operate by avoidance.

People have PTSD for many reasons, including abuse in all forms, loss of a friend or family member, being in a war zone, or being in an accident. If you’re looking to treat PTSD, please contact us at Trauma Healing Northwest. We’re dedicated to helping you find healing through effective forms of therapy like neurofeedback.