The concept of neurofeedback trauma therapy has transformed medical treatments around the world and provides a broad array of different benefits. However, it’s a good idea to take a look back at its history and developments to see how it’s gotten to where it is today. Doing so can help you better understand this concept and whether it’s right for you.

Early Development

According to therapy research specialists, neurofeedback was developed in the late 1950s by Dr. Joe Kamiya of the University of Chicago and UCLA’s Dr. Berry Sterman. They were studying consciousness and found that a simple reward system could alter brain patterns. The idea was to gradually but completely change a person’s behavior with these simple changes.

At first, these findings were heavily debated and were considered outrageous by the medical industry. However, with time and repeated experiments, many of these findings were confirmed. This opened up a whole new wave of research into neurofeedback that has helped make it even bigger today.

Throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, neurofeedback became more widespread and was used to manage a variety of attention deficit disorders as well as central nervous system problems. The perception of the brain and its operations changed entirely, and the natural methods that help make this process so effective have become clear through research.

How It’s Used Today

Neurofeedback is used heavily in a variety of industries, including professional sports teams. For example, they use it to gauge their peak performance and improve their training to become more skilled in their sports. However, it’s also commonly used by business people to better understand their roles and by people struggling with ADHD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

In fact, neurofeedback trauma therapy has become one of the most potent ways of managing PTSD because it helps people better understand what causes their symptoms. It can break the loop of damaging behaviors and perceptions caused by PTSD. Just as importantly, it can give them a new hope of happiness by directing their treatment with skilled experts.

This history of neurofeedback trauma therapy is still being made every day, with innovations and exciting concepts changing the treatment world forever. As a result, you need to reach out to us to learn more about this therapy and others like it. Our team of professionals at Trauma Healing NW will ensure that you get the high-quality support that you need with this treatment.