Social anxiety exposure therapy helps people deal with their anxiety, and this includes children and teens. Social anxiety exposure therapy is a behavioral therapy, which is important because anxiety of any kind can be debilitating. Social anxiety can affect relationships, home life, professional life for adults, and school life. Here is how social anxiety can affect school life.

Avoidance Is a Big Factor

Children with social anxiety often avoid engaging with others, including teachers, administrators, and classmates. This avoidance can often be misunderstood as defiance. In some cases, the fear of social situations is so severe that children suffer from selective mutism.

Not engaging with others can negatively impact school life. Children may find it very difficult to make friends and create a social network in a school setting.

Missing School

Children with social anxiety often miss a great deal of school. Going to school and being in forced social situations can manifest in physical complaints like stomach aches, headaches, and other physical ailments.

Often, times a student that is suffering from social anxiety will go to great lengths not to go to school. Of course, not being at school will impact learning. Students can fall far behind their peers when not in school enough.

Learning Becomes a Struggle

Students with social anxiety can become hyper-fixated on their fear, which leaves very little attention left to learn. Additionally, a student with social anxiety is not likely to ask for help when they need it or participate in class discussions.

Asking for help or clarity when it is needed is a key factor in learning new material. Students with social anxiety would rather fail than have to raise their hands and ask a question and draw attention to themselves.

Social anxiety exposure therapy can help a student get back on track. This therapy can help a student to change the way they think about social interactions, including engaging with others in school.

Every child deserves a fair opportunity to get the best education. Social anxiety can be a major obstacle. Learn more about social anxiety exposure therapy and how it can be a game changer for anyone that is suffering from social anxiety. Call us at Trauma Healing Northwest today to learn more and make an appointment.