Unfortunately, incidents of sexual assault are far from rare. According to RAINN, sexual assault takes place in the U.S. every 68 seconds. For victims, the physical effects of that attack are already difficult enough to deal with. Unfortunately, their case of anxiety may also be severely impacted by the incident. Learn more about the impacts that assault can have on anxiety and how therapy for trauma can help by continuing below.

You May Develop New Anxiety Triggers

The memories of an assault can stay with a victim for a long time. The incident may also play on a loop inside their head whether they want it to or not. Because of that, a victim may become hypersensitive to elements they recognize during the attack.

Even if a victim had no problem being in dark rooms before, that may change after an assault. A victim may also be triggered after seeing anyone who resembles their assailant. Dealing with so many anxiety triggers can be difficult for anyone. Attending therapy for trauma can help you better manage those triggers and reduce their impact on your life.

Your Anxiety Symptoms May Intensify

Anxiety symptoms can be remarkably varied. Some people have trouble sleeping when they’re feeling anxious, while others may experience nausea or shaking. For others, the onset of anxiety is accompanied by an impending sense of danger. Regardless of what anxiety symptoms you have, there’s a chance they may worsen after you are sexually assaulted.

You may not be able to sleep at all in the immediate aftermath of an assault. The physical manifestations of your anxiety could also intensify. Living with those symptoms is unhealthy in more ways than one. Immediately schedule therapy for trauma so you can gain some measure of relief from your intensifying symptoms.

You May Grow Anxious Around More People

Lastly, an incident can amplify your anxiety and change your behavior around people. Because of the incident, you may feel uneasy around people you always trusted. Even if they had nothing to do with the attack, the incident may be so traumatic that it erodes whatever trust you had in others. Attending therapy is critical to rebuilding that trust.

Sexual assault is a heinous act committed by dangerous individuals. Recovering from such an attack can be difficult, and you may encounter numerous pitfalls along the way. Still, the trauma does not have to be your constant companion. Reach out to Trauma Healing NW today, and we’ll provide the support and treatment you need through trauma therapy.