Unfortunately, any human or animal can deal with trauma. Oftentimes, veterans who’ve been to war, people who’ve been in car accidents, or those who’ve suffered abuse are dealing with the lingering effects of a traumatic event. If you or someone you know is in such a situation, you can seek therapy for trauma. Here are some of the physical ways that this can manifest itself.


It’s natural for someone dealing with past trauma to feel excessively nervous. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, over 8 million Americans between the age of 18 and older have PTSD. PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can result in a situation in which the person is constantly reliving their trauma over and over again in their mind. As a result, they may have certain triggers that can make them nervous or jittery, as they want to avoid that hurt from happening again. A case in point is someone who’s been in a car accident and is now too nervous to even ride in one as a passenger. Having experience in a warzone may make someone jump at loud sounds such as fireworks or cars backing up.


According to Psychology Today, people may experience heart racing or headaches due to this intense state of mind. Stress can raise your blood pressure, which can go to your head as it’ll affect your blood flow and vessel contraction. So your heart starts working overtime to compensate for that restricted blood flow. If you find your heart is affected in this way, seek therapy for trauma immediately. You don’t want to risk having a heart attack or stroke.

Weight Loss

When someone is in the deep depths of PTSD, it’s not shocking if they lose their appetite. Such a loss in appetite can quickly manifest itself with dramatic weight loss. This weight reduction is especially noticeable if that person previously ate food regularly and is normally fit.

If someone you love has had a traumatic event such as abuse, accidents, or resurfaced memories, you don’t have to live with it forever. The right local professionals can provide expert therapy for trauma, so you can live a good quality of life. Contact Trauma Healing Northwest today, so one of our trained and compassionate professionals can help you with the therapy you need.