Trauma and oppressing your authentic self tend to go hand in hand, although most people don’t realize it. That’s why learning about yourself and working towards becoming your authentic self is a valuable tool throughout the healing process. There are several ways this is crucial to trauma healing therapy.

Staying Hidden

Many people suffer from disorders like PTSD. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, over 8 million Americans older than 18 have PTSD. It’s common for survivors to want to stay hidden, especially if they think the incident was their fault. This may be in the form of baggy clothing and jackets. Some people inherently feel that if they blend in with the crowd, bad things won’t happen. Becoming your authentic self helps address this and encourages the belief that it’s not your fault, which it isn’t.

Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable is terrifying or impossible for many survivors. Some survivors spend countless hours coming up with possible scenarios in their heads to ensure they prevent something from happening to them. Others may feel that if they are vulnerable, it opens them up to being hurt more. These are common and valid feelings. However, staying closed off also ensures you don’t experience true happiness and aren’t honestly present during beautiful times. Becoming your authentic self can give you back the happiness you deserve.

Creating Connections

Many people who survive a traumatic experience find it challenging to create meaningful connections in their lives following trauma. This is often due to a fear of vulnerability. We don’t form meaningful relationships when we are not vulnerable without those around us. We often form shallow friendships based on needs instead of significant, deep friendships based on memories. A professional therapist can help you learn to feel vulnerable to create more powerful connections with the people and world around you.

Therapy Can Help

Many people are under the false belief that if you are traumatized early in life, you are stuck that way. However, that’s not true. Most people learn to develop healthy attachments when they are babies and small children. They also learn important lessons about how to be their authentic self. However, it’s never too late to learn those vital life lessons to take control of your life.

We understand it can be challenging to face this road alone. Our experienced therapists will help you slowly learn to overcome trauma one session at a time. Contact us today at Trauma Healing NW to learn more about trauma healing therapy.